Know Your Sheep

An essential guide to Military Sheep of WWII
Chieftain Sh-45R Icarus 440 Skyshrieker McKenzie 12A Anti-aircraft sheep Skyshrieker II Whitley-Trot Hoversheep CZ 12-6 Sheep Bomb RAF Welsh Mountain Bomber Royal Navy SubAqua Sheep Auxiliary Subterranean Unit F120 Gyrosheep Stealth Merino HMS Woolsack

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We are pillowried on message boreds and internet flora
'Sadly, not everyone can handle themselves as well as I can'
Make mealtimes go with a bang.
The only beauty product that will send your skin back in time.
Rogue taxidermist at large.
Experiments have limited success.
Earth will be nothing more than a huge pie hanging in space.
Royal Navy tries to get refund on submarine.
'Shepton Bassett, pressing on regardless'
The easy way to divert funds


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