The Sandwich: #18

The Sandwich


I am super good at following things. I once followed a cat for about twenty meters, but then it jumped over a wall and so I didn't follow it anymore. Anyhow, it was a dirty cat and I had a sneaking suspicion that I knew where it was going. Anyway, following the breadcrumb trail was dead easy for me. From the adventure playground it went across the road and through some trees, over a pile of slimy wriggles, then through a gate and across a field. There were some cows in the field, but I don't like to mix with their sort, so I ignored them.

I crossed a babbling stream, but I was far too busy to stop and listen to what it was going on about, so I carried on, following the trail around the base of a small mound or hummock. Suddenly I heard a splap-splap-splap noise and around the corner came a fat duck, waddling along on its big stupid feet, pecking away at the breadcrumbs. We stopped, facing each other. It looked at me. I looked at it. It kept looking at me, so I looked at it some more.

I was really proper angry because it had gobbled up my breadcrumb trail and now I was at a dead end, so I did my best googly-eyed stare. But the fat duck just shimmied past me, following the breadcrumb trail back towards the adventure playground, pecking and gobbling as it went. I screamed that I hoped it got stuck on one of the swings like I had done, but then I felt stupid because I remembered that ducks can fly, so I just sat down on the grass and felt rotten.



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