The Sandwich: #20

The Sandwich


So, I had drawn my artist's impression, I had sung my happy song and I had watched the wriggly worm as it had done its special shimmy. Now it was time to resume the hunt for my wayward sandwich, but just as I hitched up my trousers and was about to set off, I heard stomping and walloping and shouting noises from afar. I climbed up the greasy hillock and looked over into the next field, where I saw some soldiers doing manoeuvres. I did a manoeuvre once, but it put my back out and I had to stay in bed for a week and eat crisps.

Now here was a bit of luck, I thought to myself. Perhaps I could enlist the help of the military to find my sandwich. They would have radar and everything. There was a man in the middle who was shouting and had a different hat on, so I figured that must be the General. I marched up to him, saluted and asked if his army could help me find my sandwich, but he told me he didn't have an army and that he and his friends were estate agents, doing a team building day. I would like to do a team-building day, but I don't have a team, so it would be difficult. I could do a me-building day, but that would not be as much fun, although the catering would be much easier.



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