The Sandwich: #98

The Sandwich


There's been a bit of a mix up in the bookings. We were supposed to be playing the most prestigious venue in Doncaster - St. Tiddles in the Font Church Hall - but it turns out it was double booked, either by the Doncaster over eighties knitting circle, or by The Who, I can't remember which. So we set up in the car park instead. We had to play a reduced set because it was only a short stay car park, and Sniffy Pickles nearly got run over by a Transit van, but I guess that's rock and roll. Also, we didn't really have a decent sound system and the noise from the church hall easily drowned out our banjos. Nobody could hear a thing once the over eighties knitting circle started playing 'Won't Get Fooled Again'.

Then it rained, Itchy MacGyver's ears started to fill up and my socks got wet, so we called the whole thing off and squished back to the tour tractor and sat there steaming for the rest of the evening. Itchy said that we were not to worry because this was exactly how The Beatles started, and I tried really really really hard to imagine John Lennon sitting in a tractor wearing squishy socks, but I just couldn't get my brains around it. We got a parking ticket, as well.



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