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Our album is due for release at ten o'clock today. We received an advance copy at 9:50. The album is called Twanging All Night Long by The Fly By Night Jazz Merchants, which is us. However, when we play it, it appears to be a crackly old recording of The Andrews Sisters from 1945. For people who do not know, The Andrews Sisters were a group of ladies who were famous during the war for taking out machine gun nests, bombing raids on enemy ammunition dumps and for singing 'Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree'. I was very surprised to hear them on our record because I don't remember them being on the rooftop when we recorded it. Of course, there was a lot going on at the time, so I could have been mistaken. I gave our producer a ring and he explained that after he'd removed all the swearing and the screaming from our recording, what was left sounded 'a bit thin', so he had bulked it out by sampling some old records that were now out of copyright. But he assured us that we were still on the record, just really low down in the mix.

We were admittedly a bit miffed at this and felt that it offended our integrity as creative and innovative musicians, but then the record started to sell really well, so we figured that on this occasion it was perfectly acceptable for our integrity to go and get stuffed.

Twanging All Night Long



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