The Sandwich: #140

The Sandwich


I still haven't been adopted yet. What's wrong with people, don't they want to rehome someone who has completed The Scout Association of Great Britain's advanced knot tying course, and has extensive experience packing u-bends for a leading plumbing supplies company?

Well, there's only one thing for it now. I really didn't want to have to do this, but needs must when the devil drives two into the bush without a paddle, or however the saying goes. You see, I have a secret weapon. Showbiz is in my blood; I was born to perform. Give me a stage, a spotlight, a bucket full of sequins and an audience, and there is no stopping me. This, then, would be how I would get myself noticed: I would put on a show!

Unfortunately, I didn't have a stage, a spotlight or some sequins, so I would have to improvise. In the right light, cat litter can sparkle almost as well as sequins, and by repurposing my scratching post, a ball of wool and my collar with the little bell on it, I soon had a costume and some basic props. And the clockwork mouse toy that they had given me was perfect for my lion taming routine.

The lights went up. The punters started to arrive. Showtime!



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