The Sandwich: #211

The Sandwich


Tumbling over and over and over and over is making me giddy and my tummy feels all funny. This is what happens when you have been flirted out of a catapult into a new dimension. It's not nice and I may sick up and any time. It is worse than the rolly-coaster at Drayton Manor Park and Zoo. This is a place where they do rides that make you giddy and they also have animals. I went there once to look at the monkeys, and they were rubbish and didn't do anything. I saw one on the telly once that played the drums and ate chocolate, but these monkeys didn't do anything good like that. Anyways, while I was there I went on the rolly-coaster and lost my breakfast. I say "lost" it, but actually I think it was stolen. I started off with it, sicked it up halfway round and when I got off, the boy behind me was wearing it on his face.

Anyhow, being flung into another dimension is a bit like that, but without the baked beans.

I suppose very few people get the opportunity to streak through the gaps between alternate realities, screaming like a banshee and worrying that your trousers might be riding up uncomfortably. It all goes streaming past you at breakneck speed, and if you're not careful you get bits of other dimensions stuck in your hair and wedged behind your ears and stuff. Actually, I don't think my description is doing it justice. It's really a very magical experience, honestly.

Didn't last long, though. A few moments later I went splat into something really hard, and it seemed like all the lights came on at once.



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