The Sandwich: #340

The Sandwich


In addition to The Centre of the Earth Experience, my ticket also gave me entrance to the adjacent Newsnight museum. Newsnight - for people who don't know, like my thicky friend Kevin - is a BBC current affairs programme that started in the last century and has a huge fanbase all around the world. There are loads of Newsnight fan clubs and people write Newsnight fan-fiction and there are regular Newsnight conventions where people dress up in their favourite Newsnight costumes and get to meet real Newsnight presenters and annoy them. The museum contains a fascinating collection of genuine Newsnight memorabilia, such as Peter Snow's shoes, Emily Maitlis's iPad and a real, stuffed Jeremy Paxman. And the great thing is that none of this stuff is in cases or nailed down or anything, so you can just help yourself. I nicked Evan Davis's pen and a lock of Jeremy Vine's hair. I also whipped a couple of t-shirts and one of the boardgames from the gift shop.

Newsnight - the boardgame



Owned and operated by the Royal Family
Sir Arthur tells us what went wrong
Theft of town exposed as a hoax.
Following the recent Bake Off contest to find a dinner lady
A breakthrough for nuclear powered lunches
Campaigning for the abolition of Tuesdays.
Woman demolished to make way for development.
Grow your best friends from seed
Try out the new Swearomatic


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