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Where's the Wookie?
Where's the Wookie

Look carefully at this still taken from the hit motion picture, Star Wars. Using the latest state-of-the-art digital image manipulation techniques, we have carefully removed Chewbacca the Wookie from the picture. Can you spot where he should be?

Optical Illusion
Optical Illusion

At first glance these two pictures appear to be identical. Now concentrate on the grey dot in the centre. After about thirty seconds, the image on the right will start to look like a woman with a pointy stick!

Spot the Difference

Hey look, it's Sigmund Freud! Old Siggy is contemplating taking his mother up the Ritzy - I wonder if dad's invited? No, but seriously, study these two apparently identical pictures of the father of psycho-analysis. We've made a number of changes to one of the pictures. Can you spot what they are? (Clue: there are 12 in all)

Sigmund Freud Not Sigmund Freud
Logic Problem

Wrap your brains around this little connundrum.

Nigel is on a train travelling from Birmingham to London. Tracey is in a car going from Coventry to Birmingham. Meanwhile, Brian is in Leicester waiting for a bus to Manchester. Nigel's train was due to arrive in London at 11.20, but it is already 20 minutes late. Tracey is 10 minutes ahead of schedule, but decides to take a detour, which will put another 15 minutes on her journey. Brian is unsure when his bus is due to arrive.

Nigel's train is travelling at 95 mph. Tracey has averaged a speed of 44 mph, but is now stuck in traffic. Brian is starting to think that he's waiting at the wrong stop.

Bearing in mind that Brian's journey will take 2.5 times longer than Nigel's, and that Nigel is due to arrive at his destination in 35 minutes, where did Tracey go on her holidays?

Beer Tangle
Jean Paul Sartre

French existentialist Jean Paul Sartre has struck it lucky. He has found four half full cans just lying in the street. Unfortunately, only one of them contains Special Brew - the other three are full of piss. Can you help Jean Paul master his own fate and guide him to the right can?

Beer Tangle
Penguin Puzzle

Penguins are tenacious little fuckers. The little bleeders get everywhere. Fifty of them have escaped from the local zoo and are now wandering the grounds of Windsor Castle, frightening tourists and stealing Cornettos. It's up to the founder of modern-day Communism, Karl Marx to round up the little bastards. See if you can help him by spotting the penguins in this picture.

So, how well did you do ...?
4/5 - You have an even temperament and the ability to make friends easily.
65% - You are a headstrong and impulsive Spaniard
Mostly 'C's - You are going on a long journey overseas. You must open your mind to new experiences. Lucky number: 12
Sagittarius - Congratulations: you have the necessary aptitude to be a NASA astronaut. Live long and prosper.


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