You like hamsters. You love penguins. Now you can read about hamsters and penguins in one great magazine...

Hamsters and Penguins

This month and every month you'll find ninety pages of fascinating hamster and penguin features, plus all the news from around the globe.

It really is the best of both worlds.


Buy issue one and get a free choc ice.

Published Flapstick, Doodle and McQuilly, Edinburgh (Or, if wet, Doncaster)



Picturesque county goes on tour.
Big-eared discovery gets scientists in a flap
And we're running short of hyphens as well.
How close should a gentleman get to a lady?
New partnership tackles airborne menace
The enemy is listening for your flatulence. Watch your emissions.
Owned and operated by the Royal Family
All-weather skating.
Taking potato printing to a new level.
We investigate the Belgian conspiracy


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