Glen Twerk is not at Work

Rumpole, Hutz and Petrocelli
22 Affidavit Street

Dear Sirs or Madams

I write, inter alia, in connection with the recent dismissal from your company of Mr Glen Twerk, carpe diem. As Mr Twerk's actual proper lawyer - and not just his mate from the darts team who's offered to knock up a vaguely legal-sounding letter for him - I have advised my client that the termination of his contract constitutes, herewith and forthwith, unfair dismissal, in addition to being wrongful dismissal and possibly habeas corpus and a bit of the old droit du seigneur, as well.

I am given to understand, dictum factum, that you assert there has never been any agreement in place that my client should be permitted to work from home. Well, if you will excuse the legal parlance, that is bang out of order, mate. Having reviewed Mr Twerk's contract, in between matches down at the Royal Oak last Saturday evening, I have found, quo vadis, no clause that specifically forbids home working. I am sure, per ardua ad astra, that the repercussions of this omission will be quite plain to you. For the avoidance of doubt I would refer you to the case of Atomic Cleaners Ltd vs Maximillian the Wonder Dog, which clearly establishes a precedent, quod erat demonstrandum and, indeed, in flagrante delicto.

In vino veritas and, ergo, post meridian. Or, in other words, we've got you by the cobblers there, son.

Howsoever and wherefore art thou, notwithstanding the contractual ramifications, my client and I have considered your argument that since Mr Twerk was employed in the capacity of forklift truck operator in your warehouse, working from home was not, and never would be, a viable and practical way of fulfilling his contractual obligations. We are sympathetic, of course, but feel that this is still a rather thin justification for the removal of my client's basic rights.

Our response to this is in two parts. Firstly, and penultimately, we feel that your attitude shows a remarkable deficiency of understanding of modern work practices, vis-à-vis and pro bono, technologies and methodologies that mean that working from home is both economically and environmentally advantageous to all parties.

Secondly, and finally, myself and Mr Twerk have carried out a number of practical assessments, and as a result of these tests we have proved the Mr Twerk is perfectly able to operate his forklift in his front room, with only slight damage to the furniture and minimal complaints from the neighbours.

In conclusion, sine qua non, ex post facto, caveat emptor and spaghetti carbonara, my client and I have significant reason to believe that we've got you done up like a bleeding kipper. What you got to say about that then, mush?

Yours Faithfully

Perry Rumpole, Bsc, Tcp, WD40
Solicitor at Law


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