Look, See

Is it possible to catch an eye infection just by looking at someone? We looked in on the visionary Dr Benjamin Van Goggles at the Amsterdam Institute for Ocular Research, who has a unique perspective on the matter, and we asked him to put us in the picture. Whereas he used to regard it as a possibility, these days his outlook has changed and he observes with hindsight that it is unlikely. In fact, he now takes a dim view of colleagues who continue to make spectacles of themselves, and thinks that if they watch out they will be a damn sight better off.


Tapping the vast store of energy locked away in curly hair
'Quick, there's no time to think I'm sexy now''
You like chips. You like lots of chips.
An unprecedented increase of violence in cake shops
Dancer mown dow by chorus line.
'Shepton Bassett, pressing on regardless'
Teaching carrots to fly
Man Blames European Space Agency
These books can be more dangerous than you think
Mr Chokice notes the main entrance is only protected by a turnstile.


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