Introducing the Spellchecker Pen



Now at last, the Moonbeam Easywrite Ballpoint with built-in spellchecker!

The handwritten letter has just entered a new age, thanks to Professor Jez Moonbeam's revolutionary new invention.


  • Spellchecks words as you write
  • Suggests synonyms
  • Autocompletes sentences
  • Writes in 12 different fonts


One satisfied customer writes:

I couldn't be happier with my Moonbeam Easywrite Spellchucker pen. It's so eazy to use and it nefer fales to completely corect all my wurst speeling mistackes. I'd reckomend it to enyone! So why nut get your Moonspleep Chucker Far ascx &$% fd write now!

Plus: Order now and get a free surround sound ruler and a Wi-Fi enabled pencil sharpener.

Moonbeamm Industries




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