The Sandwich: #186

The Sandwich


The lady at the Tourist Information place has been unable to help me get back to my own dimension, but her supervisor, Mrs Tibblesworth, might be able to help. We wait for her to come back from her lunch break. She had a baked potato with cheese and a can of lemon pop, and then had a Bakewell slice for her pudding. This information is of no relevance at all, but I often think that by sharing these trivial details, we make these people seem more real, don't you think?

Anyway, I asked Mrs Tibblesworth how I could get back to my dimension and she immediately responded with a question of her own. What was my dimension called, she asked?. Well, I was stumped. All right, she then asked, could I describe it? Well yes, I could. I said that it was a lot like this dimension, but slightly larger. The sky was a bit greyer and it was sometimes windy, and that it didn't have that all-pervading smell of pomegranates that this one seemed to have. She told me that this didn't help, and would I not prefer to visit the earwax museum?

At this point I started to cry. I find that often this helps, because people get embarrassed and suddenly become very eager to get rid of you. Mrs Tibblesworth was no exception.

"All right, all right, all right," she said. "Look, I shouldn't really be telling you this, but there is a top secret research establishment nearby, and they are doing some really interesting work on interdimensional travel. They may be able to help."

Apparently, she knew this because her son-in-law worked there in the canteen. It's good to have connections. Anyway, I thanked her very kindly as she gave me directions. It was right next to the earwax museum, in case you're interested.



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