An Exciting New Investment Opportunity

Maintaining a good quality shoe can be a pain in the wallet - and a pair is double the expense. It's not just about finding shoes that are comfortable, stylish and hardwearing. You also need to ensure that they're roadworthy, correctly balanced and compliant with emissions regulations.

Rent-A-Shoe is a new business venture that aims to address this problem.

Renting shoes in an uncertain world

Right now, few people give serious consideration to renting their footwear - but over the next few years all that is set to change. Environmental concerns and the rising cost of shoe leather mean that the traditional owner-occupier model of shoe distribution will rapidly become a thing of the past. The future lies in leasing and Rent-A-Shoe aims to place itself squarely at the forefront of this exciting new market.

So why is Rent-A-Shoe the natural choice for investors?

A new paradigm in shoe utilisation

Well, between them, Rent-A-Shoe's directors already have over twenty years' experience in the quality hat rental arena, easily outperforming competing hat rental companies in terms of both sales and customer feedback. That same model will help us gain a foothold* in the shoe leasing business.

Rent-A-Shoe's customers can enjoy great value, whilst our extensive service packages mean that they can avoid expensive maintenance costs. Innovation. Excellence. Shoes.Rent-A-Shoe will also boast the greatest choice, offering a wide range of styles, so that customers can always be sure of having the right shoe for the right occasion. Our boast is that whether it's a smart brogue, a glitzy stiletto or a sturdy, all-terrain welly, Rent-A-Shoe will always be one step ahead.

If you'd like to get your foot in the door of this sensational new opportunity, register for our investment prospectus now.

Apply now and get a free sausage!

A Free Sausage!

*Pun intended. †This one too. ‡Not this one though.

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