Small Lump of Coal Appointed New Head of Advertising Standards Authority


In what is thought to be a world first, a small piece of coal has been given the top job at the Advertising Standards Authority, a move which has prompted considerable criticism. Doubts have been raised over whether a mineral has the necessary skills and experience to effectively steer the organisation through the coming years. In particular critics suggest that its former role as Head of Purchasing for John Lewis was not sufficient preparation for leading a national self-regulatory organisation such as the ASA.

Dismissing these concerns, a spokesman said that coal - and this lump of anthracite in particular - has a long-standing reputation for reliability and that the Authority remains fully in support of the appointment. And in any case, the spokesman went on to say, the only other candidate was a strip of damp lettuce, and that really wouldn't have been acceptable at all.

Coal Board

The Selection Panel


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