The Sandwich: #110

The Sandwich


Hello. I have discovered, through my detecting, that the bus on which I saw my sandwich was being operated by a company called Happytimes Sightseeing Tours. You will notice that I started with the word 'hello'. I did this because it is more friendly. I recently read about a survey by a leading pet food manufacturer that if you are more friendly in your communications you are more likely to sell more leading pet food. I do not sell leading pet food, so this doesn't currently apply to me, but I thought that I ought to adopt the policy, just in case it's an area that I want to get into. So, as I say, hello.

Now, having discovered the name of the tour company, I needed to find their address. Fortunately, detectives like me have a special technique that never fails. There is something called a 'phone book' which is known only to detectives, and you will find them in special detective places called 'phone boxes'. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a phone box, so I had to resort to infallible method number two, which was to find a book of matches that someone had inadvertently dropped. Couldn't find one of those either, so my trusty sidekick Pedro just Googled it on his phone. I hate all these modern things; they take the romance out of detecting.

Anyway, we found out that Happytimes Sightseeing Tours had an office at the bus depot. Quick Pedro, to the tricycle - there's not a moment to lose!



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