Dog Gives Birth to Fiat Punto

Dog Gives Birth to Fiat Punto

This is what a dog looks like


In what is thought to be both a veterinary and automotive first, a dog in Milan has given birth to a Fiat Punto. The dog, a Golden Retriever called Sofia, produced the car after going into labour last month, much to the surprise of its owner, Lorenzo Casellati, who was expecting a Renault Twingo.

"I don't understand it," Lorenzo said, but in Italian. "Sofia is such a good dog, this just isn't like her. I don't know who the father is, but I've noticed that there is a sporty twin-exhaust Volkswagen usually parked around the corner, and I wouldn't trust it an inch."

Whilst most car enthusiasts agree that this is certainly unusual, some more fundamentalist petrol-heads have gone one stage further and are claiming that it is a miracle. This is a sign, they say, and it precedes a great rapture during which it will rain Citroen Picassos from the heavens and the land will burst asunder and Vauxhall Corsas shall issue from the bowels of the Earth.

Cynics have responded that we have heard this all before. They point to the time several years ago when a Labrador in Turkey gave birth to a motorbike, which turned out to be nothing more than a premature mongrel with an oddly shaped head.



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