Custardy Roads

Motorists can expect extensive delays over the next few months, says the Highways Agency as it rolls out a programme of roadworks on some of the country's major arteries. But, they add, the end result will be much smoother and safer journeys for drivers, as they trial a number of different surfaces. For instance, two fifteen-mile sections of the M6 will be coated with custard, the greater portion of the M5 is to be topped with foam rubber and there are plans to fill the M25 with polystyrene chips. This follows on from last year's successful experiments with peanut butter on a number of minor roads in Shropshire, which concluded that the crunchy variety was more hardwearing, although it made for a less comfortable ride.

The Agency also has plans to ease city centre traffic by greasing up cars so they can squeeze through gaps more easily, but so far no commencement date for this work has been announced.

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