Diabolical Supervillain International

Diabolical Supervillain International

We don't want to rule the world...
...but we work with people who do.

Ever wondered where you can get hold of a shark tank, laser beams or your own private monorail system?

Here at Diabolical Supervillain International we know that launching a fiendish attack upon the population and holding the nations of the world to ransom until they surrender to your monstrous demands isn't easy. Especially if you're a new supervillain who's only just starting out in the domination game.

Where do you get hold of nuclear warheads, fast-acting sleeping gas and rocket-propelled skimobiles?

And of course, all of this stuff has to be branded with your evil logo. Then there's the staff to think of - you're going to need boffins, henchmen, assassins and a steady supply of femme fatales. They all need insurance, pension schemes, dental plans. It's a logistical nightmare! How do you cope with all that when you're supposed to be busy cooking up ever more elaborate schemes and thwarting secret agents?

That's where we come in.

Diabolical Supervillain International is proud to have served the supervillain industry for the last fifty years. We'll take care of all the mundane, everyday stuff and leave you free to design your own uniform, strut about laughing maniacally and trade witty one-liners with your arch nemesis.

We do it all, from recruiting your goons, polishing your missiles and feeding your killer alligators, right up to providing you with your fully-equipped secret lair hidden in an extinct volcano of your choice. And when you finally, and inevitably, get defeated by the good guys, we'll even arrange for you to be cryogenically frozen and fired off into space in an escape capsule, so that you can come back for the sequel.

Diabolical Supervillain International

We care so that you don't have to.


Taken from The University of the Bleeding Obvious Annual 2020.

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