The Sandwich: #88

The Sandwich


Today is breakout day! This morning, we assembled our wooden stream train. The assembly instructions were actually very difficult to follow and when we'd finished it looked more like a wardrobe and we had several bits left over, including some important-looking bolts, a couple of hinges and a boiler. Nevertheless, we fired it up, climbed aboard and tooted the whistle. We almost got halfway across the exercise yard before the whole thing caught fire and collapsed into a pile of smoking embers. Here's a piece of advice: if you're building a steam train, try to make it out of something less combustible than wood.

Ah well, there's still our second attempt - the tunnel disguised as a harmless attempt to plant radishes. Digsy Macgregor's efforts are really quite impressive - he has managed to sink a shaft 1000 metres into the ground. The governor was a bit dubious that radish roots really go that deep, and he got a bit jumpy when he saw the winding tower going up, but all that's been forgotten now that Digsy has struck oil. The escape tunnel has also been forgotten, I'm afraid. Digsy has gone into partnership with the governor and is now far more interested in being an oil baron than in breaking out.

Never mind. As it happens - and this really was a billion to one chance - there was a solar flare that knackered the CCTV and stuffed up all the locks, so we were able to just stroll out. Isn't nature wonderful?



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