30 April 2023

Commemorative Gas!

Commemorative Hellium


29 April 2023

Commemorative Cabbage!

Commemorative Cabbage


28 April 2023

Commemorative Chicken!

Commemorative Chicken


27 April 2023

Commemorative Space Hopper

Commemorative Space Hopper


27 April 2023

Commemorative Socket Set!

Commemorative Socket Set


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Archive 1

February 2001
- July 2003

Digital Vicars

"How vicars communicate with each other over distance..."

Supermarket Kerfuffle

"Pile up in aisle six..."

Flying Squirrels

"Flying into the side of a house at forty knots..."

Rob Hammond's Guide to Buddhism

"Using nothing more than a raised elbow..."




Petty Complaints Ombudsman

"Trifling, inconsequential whinges..."

Shepton Bassett Academy

"Ofsted report..."

10 Things You Never Knew About Frogs

"Frogs can jump ten times their own bodyweight..."

Reinforced Lettuces

"Stronger lettuces for hardier salads..."


Skippy's Opera

The sound of fury

A Tall Order

Adventures in marketing

Forward to the '80s

Transport of the future

Cornwall on Loan to USA

Picturesque county goes on tour.

Transatlantic Gardening

Across the Atlantic by land


Making internet forums less annoying

  UK Citizenship Test

How to be a great Briton

British Gas

A party political message


Reverse the 412 signs of aging

Dr Doggy

Not your usual family doctor

Professional Scarer
Kicking and Screaming

Prologue: Peanuts

You Don't Have to be Mad to Work Here...

Machiavelli Management Solutions

The Bleeding Obvious

Exploding Dogs

Baby's First Swear

Scrufty's Magic Juju Shop


Empire of the Flowers


Mrs Wilberforce and the River

Epilogue: Persons Unknown

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The History of Rock
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