30 April 2023

Commemorative Gas!

Commemorative Hellium


29 April 2023

Commemorative Cabbage!

Commemorative Cabbage


28 April 2023

Commemorative Chicken!

Commemorative Chicken


27 April 2023

Commemorative Space Hopper

Commemorative Space Hopper


27 April 2023

Commemorative Socket Set!

Commemorative Socket Set


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Archive 1

February 2001
- July 2003

Tripping the Dark Fantastic

"I mean, you can't sell 'darkbulbs' can you?"

First Annual Bleeding Obvious Award

"Anyone can learn to act, or paint, or dance..."

Operation Mutton

"Eugene Rumbold and his camouflaged sheep..."

Shark Fishing

"You only have to look at one and he'll have your leg off..."




Gentlemen's Etiquette

"A gentleman never fouls himself upwind of a waitress..."


"Excitement as New Deposits of Earwax Discovered..."

Sci-Fi Fan Draws a Blank

"Fan exposes 'blank page' scam..."

Pixie Guard

"Eradicate the misery of pixies..."


Crystal N.R.G.

New Age Technology

William Turpin

21st Century Highwayman.

The 'Fluence

Social media influencer saves world

Nelson's Travel Kettle

Archeologists unearth historic appliance.

Climbing the Orinoco

Bid to be the first to scale the river.

Cake Rage

"Semi-automatic pastry..."

  Office Furniture

Qualifications now available

Cosmos Rocks

A Universe of Geological Treasures

Cash for Pets

Trade in your dog for dosh

Exploding Trousers


Jehovahs Cleaners
Professional Scarer
Arty Tomatoes
Kicking and Screaming

Prologue: Peanuts

You Don't Have to be Mad to Work Here...

Machiavelli Management Solutions

The Bleeding Obvious

Exploding Dogs

Baby's First Swear

Scrufty's Magic Juju Shop


Empire of the Flowers


Mrs Wilberforce and the River

Epilogue: Persons Unknown

Golfing bird
The Hedgehog King Board Meeting Goldilocks and the Free Bears Death Doom and Disaster Tall Story in a Short Glass Venus by Catapult Barry Buys a Broom
The History of Rock
Teaching Carrots to FlyTeaching Carrots to FlyStandard British NunsExtreme Dinosaurs
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